HANYU sanitary ware

Full bathroom is a professional production of sanitary products manufacturers, the company owns two production workshop, located in the high-end and mid-range mid-range, workshop seventy thousand square, workers more than 280 people, mainly the production of economical products, cost-effective, products sold at home and abroad.

Equipped with domestic advanced pusher kiln, the output is large, the product quality is stable. Sixty-five thousand square meters of high-grade workshops, workers as many as 240 people, equipped with the most advanced computer kiln, the main production of high-end products for domestic and international brands processing, products are exported to Australia, as well as Europe and other places.

Since its establishment in 2008, the company has developed rapidly, and we have carried out the slogan of "people-oriented, quality oriented", and we are striving to make the world satisfied with the sales slogan of "China sanitary ware". Full cleaning staff, look forward to your cooperation, creat a brilliant tomorrow



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